MZ SFX Concept


brand: simplicity, robustness
and being refreshingly different.”

s objective: to create an ageless design, independent from the
“zeitgeist” by doing without fashion gimmicks, to display the mechanical parts,
to demonstrate toughness and longevity. Visible frame tubes, all components
arranged closely around the steering head, a reduction to the essential parts –
these are his basic principles.

engineering concept: The SFx is meant to be a simple but mature bike, brute in
its appearance, intense in its riding feeling, but very easy to handle, thanks
to its modified steering geometry and the lower seating position.

Jens vom Brauck: “The SFx proves that even traditional virtues such as
reliability and suitability for everyday use of the MZ bikes, can be combined
with the emotions. The brawny appearance does not only stand out against other
designs, but it symbolizes the indestructibility that characterizes MZ.”

MBT says: “Nice one. More streetfighter than the StreetFighter. Although we’ve
no technical information on the SFx, it looks like they’ve reduced the trail
slightly and the swingarm looks a tad shorter, both of which should sharpen up
the handling. If you can believe the stickers on the side panels, then the
parallel-twin engine’s been bored out to just over the litre mark and the engine
management system has probably been tweaked to give even more bottom end grunt.
Luvverly! You’re not going to get much wind or weather protection from the front
end and the minimalist rear-end has shades of Hinckley’s Speed Four about it.

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